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November 9-12, 2023

Forms November

How to Enter like a Pro

  • Read the rules HERE to understand deadlines, refunds, the races, the schedule, and side pots.
  • Please send a printable form (pdf, etc.). Do not send us a picture of your entry.
  • Exhibitions are ONLINE only. They are $5 each, 15 per person per day.
  • NO REFUNDS on Exhibitions or additional processing fees.
  • Save a copy of your entry so you know when your exhibitions are.
  • Use the add form to add to your entry to avoid a 2nd processing fee. NO REFUNDS
  • Send Special Requests before October 30 to Entry@EliteBarrelRacing.com
  • Want stalls together as a group? One person needs to buy them all in one entry.
  • TQHA SPECIAL - Any TQHA membership purchased between September 11, 2023, and November 11, 2023(before Open Race 2 Saturday, Nov. 11) will be valid for 2023 and 2024. Membership form Must be a member to be eligible for TQHA side pots.

ONLINE Entry Links

Print Forms

* Print the form that you need and fill it out
* Scan the form into a PDF and email form to entry@elitebarrelracing.com
* Don't have a scanner? Use a free scanner app such as Scanner Pro, Tiny Scanner, Easy Scan, etc...
* Forgot something? Use the Add Form to add to your entry, avoiding a second processing fee.
* No refunds on exhibitions and extra processing fees.
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