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Entry Forms

Entry Deadlines

* Online and Email: May 1 - July 8 (without late fee and be in pre-draw).
* Late Entries: Any entry received after July 8, 2024, will pay a $25 late fee per rider.
* Late entries: Entries emailed or entered online for up to run 100 of each race with a $25 late fee.
* Late Add-Ons: emailed up to run 100 of each race using the add form found on the forms page.
* Onsite: All entries are taken up to run 100 in each race, and you will pay a $25 late fee per rider.
* Draw-out Deadline for all races: July 19, 2024, 8:00 AM to receive a refund. You may email or do it at the office.


* Read the schedule. This will help you understand the best way to enter.
* Keep a copy of your entry for reference.
* Read the rules and detail page for information on each race. Rules and Details
* Call if we can help.


You can choose to enter online or email your forms to entry@elitebarrelracing.com
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