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Stalls and RV info

Stalls & RVs - Barn will be open for check-in Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 12 noon.
You may check into your reserved stalls and/or RV spaces on the date reserved. Shavings must be purchased in the stall office. No outside shavings are allowed. No portable panels or tying horses to the trailers overnight is allowed, if stalls are available.
NOTE: ALL STALLS AT WILL BE PRE-ASSIGNED. If you are traveling to the event in a group and would like for the horses in your group to be stalled near each other, ONE of the contestants in your group MUST reserve ALL needed stalls to guarantee your stalls will be together. Please do not send any requests to be stalled together. There is not a hauling partner form.


* Tues-Sun $115
* Wed-Sun $95
* Thurs-Sunday $75
* Friday-Sun $55
* Sat-Sun $35

* Tues-Sun $150
* Wed-Sun $125
* Thurs-Sunday $95
* Friday-Sun $70
* Sat-Sun $40

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